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  Can I have a moment of your time?         2013 February 23rd (Sat)

Thank you.
My girlfriend is an aspiring plushie-maker. And she’s in a bit of a predicament. And by that, I mean, she’s blind on one side. Due to an unfortunate accident in her science classroom some years back, she got chemicals splashed in her eye and lost vision in it completely.

Doctors can repair her eye, but the surgery costs money.

Nobody is willing to hire her because of her handicap, and her family doesn’t have the money to pay for it themselves. I’ve seen what this website can do for people, so here I am, coming to you for help.

She’s willing to make plushies of anything at the exception of Homestuck - I repeat, 
No Homestuck.
Please don’t take offense to this, she suffered a traumatic push down a flight of stairs at the hands of homestucks, so she simply cannot do it.

Everything else, she will make.
Especially Avengers, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Hetalia, Tiger and Bunny, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc, etc.
She also makes non-fandom-based plushies such as adorable teddy bears, bunnies, frogs, dragons, lizards, butterflies, owls, dogs, and bears.

Times are tough, but if you’ve got some money to spare for a girl who wants to see the world like she used to, please give it a thought.
And if you don’t have the money, do me a favor, signal boost the crap out of this!

Here’s the link to her blog:

( She just set it up so there’s not much there, but trust me, her stuff is really cute! )

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